Welcome to information on public services in Germany!

www.sercice.bund.de is the gateway to the services and online information of the German Federal Administration and other public agencies.

Whereas the German version is focussing on frequently used services like job offerings in the public sector or lists of public tenders, we follow a more general approach in the English version. Bearing in mind that the user of the English version is likely to live abroad we try to give more general information about our country as well as special information about administrative structures and e-government services that are available through the internet.

The portal service.bund.de was developed as a basic component of the e-government initiative of the Federal Government – BundOnline 2005. The aim of this initiative, launched at the Expo 2000, was to render all e-government services accessible by 2005. They can now easily be located via the common gateway www.service.bund.de.

It is not only the Federal Government but also the federal states (Länder) and the municipalities that have launched the most varied e-government projects. In order to achieve an integrated e-government structure, the federal government, the federal states and the municipalities decided in summer 2003 to develop the joint e-government strategy "Deutschland-Online". The web portal service.bund.de is an active partner of Deutschland-Online and is involved in the implementation of harmonisation and networking aims.

Below mentioned are some links which might be useful for you if you plan to work or study in Germany